So the days float through my eyes…

Went to the ‘David Bowie Is’ at the V&A this week: still feeling like I’m there.  Or wishing I was there.  Walking into parts of my earlier life surrounded by people doing the same with the soundtrack booming in my ears.  


 Lots of lyrics – hand written! – the promo videos straight out of my memory.  Some of the outfits actually sent a real shiver down my spine: particularly the pierrot one from Ashes to Ashes which is strange as it is way down my list of favourites.  Finding out about his influences and recognising just how influential he is.  So ahead of the curve.  And right at the end a massive room with footage from lots of live gigs (some of which I was at): moving around you could hear different screens and at one point Heroes at different places.  There was a huge crowd of people just sitting or standing around and watching, listening.  It was really hard to walk away.  Go see if you can.  Tilda Swinton’s opening speech sums it up:

Time may change me but you can’t trace time.



* title and end quotes from Changes