Would you rather…


A guinea pig.  Apparently, if I was an animal I would be a guinea pig – according to my daughter.  This was apropos of nothing in particular; we hadn’t been talking about animals, no-one had set a challenge or posed a question: she just came out with it.  Admittedly I was crunching a piece of celery at the time and she did qualify her statement with the fact that guinea pigs like raw veg (and her cousin’s piggy particularly likes celery leaves), but even so: when you picture yourself as an animal – and who hasn’t? – doesn’t it tend to be something faster, sleeker; more, I don’t know, wild?  But no, a guinea pig.  Thanks.  

It brought to mind John Burningham’s classic, ‘Would you rather…?’  Would I rather be a guinea pig crunching celery or a gazelle munching grass or a camel chewing in the desert.  Would I rather that she thought of me as a gazelle or a guinea pig?  I can see a picture book character emerging from this!