Stories I’m working on

 Hunting Fernando

Their trading card website was a hit across the globe and the masterminds behind it were only 21 years old. Between them. All Joel and Fred wanted was to get the Fernando card to complete the Footie Faves trading card set. They thought a swaps website would be the answer and was an instant hit but now they have the trading card company’s boss tracking them down. He is not a happy man. And oh yes, the online Bank of Dosh that lent Joel and Fred £20,000 would quite like to talk to them too. And they still haven’t found Fernando.



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What do you do when one of your best friends can’t afford a trip to Paris? You make cakes and wash cars to secretly raise the money, of course!  That’s what Flo & co do for their friend, Famke.  It turns out to be a recipe for business success – but friendship disaster as Famke thinks they are whispering and plotting against her.  Now even if they reach the target, maybe she wouldn’t want to go on the trip anyway!