Next time I’m struggling with what I’m writing, taming the octopus (to paraphrase Anne Lamott in her brilliant ‘Bird by bird’), I am going to take the tube.  The most fascinating snippets of conversation drift by like airborne seeds and some get planted and germinate.  Overheard last week was a youngish guy talking to a female friend.  “At her last birthday party my grandmother went dressed as a banana.  It was a bit of a surprise but she likes to keep things interesting.  She said she just loves bananas and wasn’t sure when she would next get the opportunity to dress as one.  Her 80th party was fun too – she loves parties – the theme was ‘pearly gates’ and everyone dressed in white or as an angel.  She has such a great sense of humour.”

I just love this image of the banana granny and am determined to use it in a story somewhere.  So, if you’re blocked – catch a train.